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Description of concealed carry weapons training class

J. D. McKnight - With more than 20 years of experience in law enforcement, McKnight is a distinguished expert who is a state/federal certified peace officer and SWAT qualified sniper. McKnight currently holds commissions with B.I.A., S.U.P.D., and the La Plata County Sheriff's office. He has been an instructor at S.W. Colorado Regional Law Enforcement Academy and has taught the concealed weapons class since 1995.

McKnight also has over 30+ years of teaching experience and is an N.R.A. master-instructor who offers the best and most comprehensive firearms training in the four corners! Specializing in new-shooters with a focus on safe gun handling and effective shooting, this course revolves around the concept of self-defense and combat-readiness tactics.

J. D. McKnight uses a combination of classroom, applied experience, practical knowledge, and hands-on experience to provide the student with a structured learning environment course. The classroom and a safe, comprehensive hands-on range experience enable the students to continue to teach themselves. Experienced shooters will be individually instructed in advanced techniques, while being encouraged to progress at their own rate. All students will learn a common skill set that includes target, self-defense, and combat practical exercises.

McKnight is the only instructor in the four corners that is currently active in law-enforcement. His keen sense of humor makes this experience very enjoyable. His teaching methods are proven and effective.


Concealed Weapons Class Schedule

Regular classes available on
Saturdays or by Appointment

Classroom = 8 hours
Range = 4 hours

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Registration for the class at Institute of Defense for a Colorado Concealed Weapons Permit

The total course cost is $149.95 per student.

A deposit of $49.95 is required to
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The remaining balance is due at class.


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Details about the class of personal protection and self defense when applying for a concealed carry permit in Durango Colorado, Bayfield Colorado, Ignacio, Colorado

Completion of this course is required when applying for a concealed weapons permit in the State of Colorado. The curriculum of this course has been tailored to satisfy the requirements of the state as well as properly prepare the student for personal defense.

The Institute of Defense is committed to teaching effective personal defense by covering material such as legal aspects, defensive mind set, and mechanics of shooting as well as a supervised range experience. This class also includes material from the N.R.A. class entitled "The Basics of Personal Protection" plus additional content as follows:

Personal Protection

  • Carry permit
  • Concealed carry
  • Reciprocity
  • Use of force
  • Constitutional rights
  • Legal aspects
  • State/Federal carry laws
  • Car stop
  • Mental aspects
  • Elements of shooting (grip, stance, sights, trigger control)
  • Instinctive combat shooting

Home Safety

  • Storage
  • Accessibility
  • Ammo
  • Holsters
  • Maintenance
  • Gun selection
  • Law enforcement response
  • Family protection tactics
  • Legal issues

Practical Private Range

  • Handgun shooting
    • Sighted
    • Unsighted
    • Combat
    • Target
    • Defense
    • Competition
    • Instinctive
    • Holster
    • Reloading
    • Low light / night


  • Firing 500 rounds
    • 350 with instructor gun + ammo
    • 150 with student's choice of gun + ammo
    • Supervised instruction


Advice about stance ...


Range Shooting ...




Testimonials about the concealed carry class in Durango CO

J. D. is the only instructor in the four corners (possibly the world) who can quote, at length, any Clint Eastwood dialogue and frame it into content.

"One bastard goes in, and another bastard comes out."

- Tuco Ramirez; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


"I always did want to face down one of them there pistol fighters they raise such a fuss about."

- Abe; The Outlaw Josie Wales